Virtual Event

Digital types of Formative Assessment in the Classroom

Posted by: Sakile Camara
Type of Event: Virtual
Event On: 03 Apr 2023, 09:00 AM PST
Hosted by: California State University, Northridge
Cost: FREE

Oftentimes, student outcomes within a course are assessed using final projects or exams. This approach does not allow an opportunity for instructors to intervene in student learning. The implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) across university and college campuses allows for unique opportunities for faculty to engage in student-centered formative assessment in the classroom. This panel of graduate assessment analysts will discuss strategies faculty can use to collect data, choose specific types of digital assignments, and create and utilize digital rubrics that will allow for formative assessment to occur in the classroom and lead to interventions that improve student performance. Speakers: Alex Colón-Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida Veronica Vecchione-Graduate Student at California State University, Northridge Bryan Rowe-Graduate Student at California State University, Northridge